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The Levante has been the meeting point of civilisations for many centuries. From Marco Polo through the silk route caravans in Aleppo and Tripoli, the crusades until today, it is the point where East meets West and the best profitable deals can be concluded. Yet many companies find it extremely difficult to force a breakthrough in their attempt to have new businesses set up in the region, especially when dealing with local governmental institutions.

Is your company ready to engage in real businesses and projects in the Near East and Maghreb countries? Is your company however also disappointed by the number of times it participated in time demanding and costly tender proceedings while always experiencing that the job goes to someone else? Someone else, as it appears afterwards, that was well present or represented with the official authority deciding on the matter.
Offering quality products and services, having the world’s best capacities to finish giant projects, having the most competitive pricings, it is not always enough ... You have to be aware of the local mentality, certain sensitivities and know about the business opportunities as the first.

You might have experienced that you thought to have a good contact with the decision makers, yet finding out that was not enough. You might have engaged a representative that charged you a monthly fee, yet to no avail.

Silcat is the specialist company in the region to assist you and to make sure that real success is booked. First of all by informing you about an opportunity before the competition is aware of it. Secondly, if possible by obtaining a negotiated contract instead of an open tender procedure, with all its inherent risks. Thirdly and if necessary, by piloting your company in pole position during the public procurement stage. Lastly, in the event that your company had dealings that ended in a claim or non payment, by finding a solution for such (long standing) issue.

Silcat is managed by people who  all have over a decade of experience (some even up to 40 years) in dealing with the local governments, have Arabic language skills, dispose of an international commercial legal background and are related to the most prominent contacts in the target countries.  Silcat’s professional and commercial solution, tailor made to the needs of your company, is your guarantee that you will save time and costs and, at the same time, be so much more prepared and in a better position to obtain your goals.

In testimony of this guarantee, Silcat only charges its clients on a “no cure, no pay” basis as long as it concerns out of court activities. This means that in case that the demands or goals, set by the client, cannot be met, there are no dues or charged expenses. You will not be confronted with so called “representation costs” as many of our competitors tend to do. Only in case of success, we charge an a priori agreed fee.

Contact us and we will meet you in a face to face meeting to discuss what is possible and what not after which you freely decide to step into a cooperation.